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Selasa, 27 Juli 2010 @ 10.02
better than love :)
heyho bloggers!
saat ini sudah pukul 00.02 di jam hp gua :p
dan gua tetep tidak ngantuk sedikitpun
tapi gua harus secepetnya tidur kalo ga besok ga bangun :(
and now, gua lagi dengerin lagu lama
yang ga lama-lama banget sih tapi enak banget :)

better than love

Seemed impossible, seemed absurd
I didn’t even know you before
Kept my distance, closing in
I don’t mind caressing your skin
What did you say, what did you do?
Somehow, I feel I’m enchanted by you
Flying high on a mountain high
Suddenly you look as bright as the sky
Reff A:
Something old, something new
Something I didn’t thought could be true
Have I forgotten, or have I never
Felt like this, as light as a feather
Not interested in love,
but I’m attracted to you
I hope that you feel the same way too
A little too fast but way too long
Though I’m not sure where I belong
Back to Bridge,
Reff B:
Something old, something new
Something I didn’t thought could be true
Love’s too strong and a bit cliché
For now this is enough, I’ve got a long way
Something old, something new
Something I didn’t thought could be true
I’m afraid to ask but I need to know
Would you want me to stay?
Or would you want me to go?

enjoy ;)


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